Who We Are

My love story with the world of cryptocurrency & blockchain started, like many people, with having passively heard about Bitcoin over the past few years.The fire was only truly sparked last year while having an in depth discussion about blockchain over a beer with none other than Tanner Philp. Shortly after, the company I work for decided they would be launching their own cryptocurrency called Kin. Since then I have been spending as much time possible researching, learning, meeting people and investing in the space.


I first discovered the power of the blockchain circa 2013 when I wrote a paper on Bitcoin for one of my finance courses. For the next couple of years, I passively followed the industry, mostly sitting on the sidelines and treating it as an academic exercise. At the end of 2016, however, that changed; I tagged in and have been living and breathing the blockchain ever since. Matt and I have been fortunate enough to work with the team at Kik to launch the cryptocurrency, Kin.

My key areas of focus are crypto-economics and theoretical applications of blockchain + cryptocurrency. My Two Tokens is our opportunity to put some thoughts on paper and hopefully start a conversation. This space has burgeoning with innovation and the more collaboration, the faster we’ll be able to realize the amazing opportunities the blockchain gives us.

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